The standalone 教会领导文学硕士 is designed for those students who already have a bachelor’s degree and want to complete graduate studies in ministry. 而基础课程在两个重点是相同的, students can decide to emphasize in either Christian Ministry or Teaching and Biblical Interpretation. Students, depending upon the track they choose, will complete a total of 35-50 units of coursework.

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两个重点将完成26个单元的基础课程, 包括圣经和历史神学的课程, 分类学, 实践神学. 一些范例课程包括:

  • 课程
  • THL 504:历史神学调查
  • 3

This course will give an introduction to historical theology and a survey of the development of the theological formulations of the church with an 强调 on "challenges to orthodoxy" laid upon the church at various times and the role such events played in the church's confessional responses to enhance the student's understanding of the church's theological and doctrinal tasks today.

  • THL 528:圣经神学和释经研讨会
  • 3

本研讨会课程将涵盖佳能, 圣经默示, and major themes in the Old and New Testaments using appropriate exegetical methods for interpreting various literary genres within the Bible.

  • THL 573:系统教义神学
  • 3

In this course students will pursue graduate-level study of systematic doctrinal theology from a biblical perspective through the survey of loci, i.e., 的话题, 教义神学, and consider the nature and task of theological reflection; responsibilities and qualities of a theologian; and key topics in theological reflection such as the Person and Work of Christ, 的理由, 律法与福音, 三位一体, 创建, 神的话语, 最后的东西, 基督教的职业, 以及基督教会的生活. Special attention will be given to recognizing and characterizing the church-related context in which and for which theology is undertaken.

  • MACL 502:精神关怀
  • 3

This course explores various areas of spiritual care offered by ministry leaders as they serve church members in their individual and corporate needs. The application of God’s Word and the assurance of his grace is stressed as ministers serve in times of crisis, 疾病, 悲伤也在快乐的生活事件中发生. 申请将在实地工作或实习教堂进行.

  • MACL 530:传福音1
  • 3

This course explores how ministry leaders connect 神的话语 to those they serve. 学生将学习和应用正确的训诂原则, including how the right distinction of 律法与福音 is essential to effective application of Scripture to people today. 学生将分析文本, 准备适合他们服务领域的演讲, 并探索有效的沟通策略. 申请将在实地工作或实习教堂进行.


The Christian Ministry track is for students who did not complete a bachelor’s degree in ministry and therefore desire to either go into ministry or who are already working in ministry and want to receive graduate-level education to help them succeed in their ministry vocation. Students in this 强调 will complete 9 units of additional coursework. 一些范例课程包括:

  • 课程
  • CED 532:基督徒门徒的方法
  • 3

本课程探讨门徒训练的理论与实践, 用问答方式演讲, 在教会的事工中进行的精神培育. 这门课程的重点是规划, 管理, 交付, 评估, 并将基督教教义融入教会生活.

  • CED 560:成人事工
  • 3

本课程将探讨成人学习理论, 信仰发展, and discuss andragogy as it relates to the planning of effective adult education programs in a local congregation.

  • CED 580:青年事工
  • 3

A course which provides students basic foundations of parish youth ministry and an opportunity to better understand the current youth culture. Supplies a variety of organizational models and an opportunity to develop programming skills needed for successful parish youth ministry. 现场工作组件是必需的.


The Teaching and Biblical Interpretation track is for those students who would like to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and their ability to communicate God’s Word. 例如, students who desire to become teaching pastors are highly encouraged to take this route of study. Students in this 强调 will complete between 18-24 units of additional coursework. 一些范例课程包括:

  • 课程
  • TGRE 501:希腊文I
  • 3

新约希腊文基础的研究. 形态, syntax and vocabulary for translation and linguistic analysis of passages of the New Testament.

  • TGRE 502:希腊文II
  • 3

他继续学习新约希腊文的基础知识. 形态, syntax and vocabulary for translation and linguistic analysis of passages of the New Testament. Will also overview appropriate use of Bible study software for Greek translation. 先决条件: TGRE 501 或同等.

  • TEXN 510:对观福音和使徒行传
  • 3

This course will offer a comprehensive overview of all isagogical information concerning the Synoptic Gospels and Acts. An individual Gospel will be selected and translated with a focus on the theological meaning, 强调, 以及它的现代应用. 先决条件: TGRE 502.

  • 得克萨斯州540:教牧书信
  • 3

The course offers a comprehensive overview of all isagogical information concerning Paul's Prison Epistles, 教牧书信, 一般书信和希伯来书. Individual books will also be selected for in-depth translation and application. Particular attention will be paid to the pastoral and church related issues proclaimed in the epistles towards a practical competency of leading a congregation in the ethnic, 现代牧灵宣教工作的多元文化背景. 先决条件: TGRE 502 或同等.


这两门课程都要求学生完成3个单元的顶点课程. 在基督教事工的顶点, students will explore the integration of 神学的知识 and ministry skills within their current ministry context. Students in the Teaching and Biblical Interpretation capstone will explore the integration of exegetical method, 神学的知识, 并在他们目前的事工背景下进行教学. Both of these capstones require the student to complete a director’s approved practical ministry project, as well as a final theologically evaluative paper on their experience.

学费 & 金融援助

学费/费用 成本
申请费 $50
学生成功费 $50
学费 649美元/单位

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