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Master's in Coaching & Athletics Administration

Concordia University Irvine

Peter Abe, MCAA Graduate 2010


Now Offering: MS in Coaching & Exercise Sciences

Transform your sports program and your career through Concordia University Irvine's fully online 教练和体育管理硕士学位.

致力于成长和挑战自己努力工作意味着教练硕士学位 & 体育管理并不适合所有人. 这不是为喜欢找借口的人准备的. It’s not for people who expect anything less of themselves than they expect from their athletes. 它适合那些想要赋予他人权力并成为真正领导者的人.

15 Month Completion Time
36 Total Units
$565 Cost per Unit

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MCAA Purpose




The Masters in Coaching & Athletics Administration (MCAA) program’s vision is to change the world by graduating men and women committed to transforming (causing a lasting and profound change) the lives of young people while pursuing competitive excellence. 一个普通人一生中会影响1万人的生活. 然而,体育领袖影响的人数要多得多. MCAA, therefore, 有特权和责任与美国最有影响力的领导人共事, coaches and athletic administrators.

这些MCAA教练和管理人员将成为他们家庭的支柱和模范, teams, programs, departments, institutions, and communities. As leaders of stellar character armed with the skills and knowledge necessary for their teams to consistently compete at their best, these highly credible leaders’ primary focus will be to build championship human beings; young people whose habits, character, selflessness, and work ethic will be forged, changed, 为他们一生的成功打下坚实的基础, fulfillment, and significance. 这种异象将在恩典的文化中变得生动, 每个MCAA的学生都被高度重视,被当作上帝的孩子一样有尊严地对待.

Pyramid of Purpose

In MCAA, 教职员工和教师不仅仅是分享最佳实践, impart valuable information, and cultivate skill sets; they allow their hearts to shake hands with the hearts of MCAA students, mentoring and inspiring these extraordinary men and women to live fully into all that God has called them to be in the lives of the young people He entrusts to them.

MCAA的宗旨也是康考迪亚大学使命的一个缩影, Irvine, which, guided by Jesus’ Great Commission,


Meet the Team

For over a decade, we’ve been change-agents for coaches and administrators like you who are ready to energize their career and make their organization better. 从你现在的位置到你想去的地方,你需要学习的东西,就是经验. All of the instructors in our MCAA program are experienced in coaching and athletics administration and look forward to helping you lean in and get to the goal.

MCAA Faculty

Is It Worth It?

As one of the first to enter the market – the Master’s in Coaching and Athletics Administration at Concordia Irvine has been a leader in the field for over a decade. Each year, more graduate students enroll in our program than in any other educational athletics program of its kind. 这意味着你加入了一个超过4人的网络,000名校友遍布美国乃至世界各地. But who are we to talk? Take a look at what our alumni have to say about whether the Master’s in Coaching and Athletics Administration is worth it or not.

  • Margueritte Aozasa
    [T]his team has something special, 赢得总冠军所必需的一些无形的东西:韧性, competitiveness, the bond between players,

    Margueritte Aozasa, MCAA ’21
    加州大学洛杉矶分校棕熊队女子足球教练玛格丽特·奥扎萨, MCAA ’21, led the Bruins to an NCAA title, becoming the first coach in NCAA women’s soccer history to win a national championship in her first year.

  • Misty May
    Suddenly I was back at it. School was exciting again. 这次我更感激学校了,因为我明白了, 它能把我从A点带到B点.作为教练,每堂课都帮助我发展了思维.

    Misty May-Treanor '13
    Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Director of Volleyball Operations, Long Beach City College, CA

  • George Ellis
    The faculty...有那么多的激情和精力来培养比赛中的教练和领导者. 我已经对这个项目深信不疑了,但他们只是帮我扭转了局面. 这是我做过的最好的决定.

    George Ellis '17
    General Manager, PCG Basketball

See what alumni across the U.S. are saying


教练和体育管理硕士是一个灵活的,15个月的在线学位. 由经验丰富的运动教育家设计, this coaching degree is for working coaches and athletic administrators who want to advance their careers as transformational thought leaders in the field.

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MS in Coaching & Exercise Sciences

Now Offering: MS in Coaching & Exercise Sciences

The nationally renowned 教练和体育管理文学硕士 (MCAA) program has expanded to offer a 教练和运动科学理学硕士. The M.S. program provides a comprehensive study of human movement in the context of educational athletics. The coursework is designed to provide students with background knowledge and experience for professional careers in educational athletics including teaching, coaching, performance enhancement, fitness and health promotion.

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Building Your Professional Portfolio

我们不满足于给你一个学位,然后和你握手告别. 康考迪亚·欧文分校想让你准备好升级通过策划 professional portfolio along the way. Our capstone requirement sends you out armed with a collection of work that gives you a leg up on the competition.

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