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剧院 & 电影主要

设计 & Technical Production Emphasis

School of Arts 和 Sciences


没有设计和技术制作,演出就无法进行! Behind the scenes, experts in stage design, 照明, 声音, 演出的成功离不开制作. 剧院 majors who choose the design 和 technical 生产 emphasis will study theatrical design, 服装 design, period 风格 of design, 以及舞台剧的灯光和音响设计.

学生将接受在专业剧院工作的培训. 然而, the knowledge of design principles, historical research, 照明 和 声音, 和 artistic skills gained from an emphasis in 剧院 设计 和 Technical Production 形式 a valuable career foundation for multiple career options.

拥有戏剧专业设计与技术制作学位, 您将获得在各种职业中工作所需的技能, 如:

  • Lighting technician
  • Stage technician
  • Community arts promotion
  • Arts education
  • Event planning & 生产
  • Scenic artist
  • Stage Manager

Where our Alumni Are Working

我们的 剧院 & film graduates are 工作ing in the industry. Here are some additional highlights.

  • 迪斯尼乐园
  • Universal Studios
  • 迪斯尼世界
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • Pfinix Creative Studios
  • GoButton Productions
  • Disney HD Channel
  • 塞格斯特罗姆表演艺术中心
  • 奈德秀
  • Theatricum Botanicum
  • Two Rivers 剧院
  • North Coast Repertory 剧院
  • New Village Arts
  • San Diego Fringe Festival
  • Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • Chance Theater
  • South Coast Repertory Theater
  • The Imagination Machine
  • Phoenix 剧院
  • Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts
  • Downey Civic 剧院
  • 网飞公司
  • CollegeHumor
  • Los Angeles Opera
  • Long Beach Opera
  • 歌剧太平洋
  • Culture Project (NY)
  • KCRA / KQCA电视
  • Briggs Opera House
  • Missoula Children’s 剧院
  • Theophany 电影s

Opportunities for 剧院 & 电影专业

剧院 & 电影 department wants to provide a myriad of opportunities for our students to gain experience in the performing arts. 我们的 University, 剧院 & 电影 Department, 和 relationships within our surrounding community afford you the chance to practice the performing arts outside the classroom.

Academic Opportunities

As a 剧院 major, you can combine your degree with a related minor, or double major. 通过出国留学或读研拓展你的世界观.

Graduate Schools Attended

  • Cal State San Bernardino
  • 加州州立大学富勒顿分校电影系 & Television Arts
  • 查普曼大学道奇电影与媒体艺术学院
  • National University of Irel和 Galway
  • 北伊利诺伊大学戏剧学院 & 跳舞
  • NYU - Tisch School of the Arts
  • 纽约大学斯坦哈特艺术教育学院
  • Regent University
  • 莎拉劳伦斯学院戏剧艺术硕士Curriculum
  • 南犹他大学-犹他莎士比亚节
  • 北卡罗来纳大学艺术学院
  • 北卡罗来纳大学艺术学院(电影制作)

Extracurricular Activities

剧院为你提供了很多参与校园活动的机会, 俱乐部, 和 organizations. 我们的 students also regularly participate (和 excel) in national competitions with performing arts students from other universities.


戏剧专业的学生可以申请做一个高级项目. Concordia enjoys good 工作ing relationships with a large number of organizations in Southern California. 以下是我们学生实习的几个例子.

  • The Chance 剧院
  • Actors 剧院 of Louisville
  • La Jolla Playhouse
  • Disney Corporation
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival


奖学金 for majors AND non-majors participating in 剧院 range from $1000 up to half of the price of tuition.


Past Productions


The Foolish Proposal



The Fantasticks


Two actors performing a scene on stage

A Year with Frog 和 Toad


Meet your Professors

Professors in the 剧院 & 电影 Department are active participants in mentoring students 和 nurturing individual artistic growth. 我们的Curriculum是由 Faculty 谁将课堂技巧与实践经验结合起来.

Lori Siekman

Lori Siekman


Siekmann教授是2015年 肯尼迪中心/美国大学戏剧节优秀金质奖章 这是肯尼迪中心授予教育工作者的最高奖项. Three of her productions have been invited to appear at the regional festival of KC/ACTF.

Andrew Sierszyn

Andrew Sierszyn

剧院 Professor

Professor Sierszyn brings a wealth of experience 和 education to his 工作 at Concordia. 安德鲁曾在日落剧场担任制作技术总监, Illinois Shakespeare Festival, 和 Illinois State University, as well as being a prolific designer for Wisconsin Lutheran College 和 Illinois State University. Additionally, his 工作 as a scenic designer 和 charge artist includes professional summer stock at the Monomoy 剧院 in Chatham, 麻萨诸塞州.


康考迪亚大学欧文分校最大的资产之一是我们敬业的Faculty队伍. In a small learning environment, our professors care about you—not just your performance—和 they cultivate lifelong mentoring relationships with the students they teach.

剧院 & 电影Talk to a Professor


有关康考迪亚大学欧文分校戏剧专业的更多信息, we invite you to contact us directly.

Professor 托尼Vezner
剧院 & 电影 Department
(949) 214-3425
[email protected]

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