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Director of Parish Music Minor

Christ College

The Director of Parish Music (DPM) minor focuses on preparing gifted music leaders for team ministry in a parish church setting for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). 希望在LCMS中成为dpm的本科生必须选择 Church Music Major and apply to the 基督学院教会工作计划 在申报DPM未成年人之前. 取决于你的兴趣和能力, 你也可以参与教会其他领域的事工. 一些DPM职位是兼职职位或与教育相结合, youth or family ministries.

通过四年的课程和实地考察, 你将准备好在教会环境中有效地服侍 in the following roles, or a combination of roles:

  • Minister of Music
  • Organist or Lead Guitarist
  • Choral Conductor
  • Instrumental Conductor
  • Music Teacher
  • Worship Arts Director
  • Leader of Contemporary Worship

The Director of Parish Music minor is offered through Christ College and has additional requirements. For more information about the DPM program, please contact Rev. Steve Zank

The purpose of Christ College 是为了让学生理解, communicate, teach, defend, 通过对圣经的系统研究,相信基督教信仰, the doctrines of the church, and other statements of faith. Christ College also equips students for professional church vocations in their chosen field.

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